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Undoubtedly, private dentistry does cost more but in addition to often additional expertise go shorter waits for appointments, better equipment, cutting-edge materials and techniques. Many NHS dentists will offer private treatment when required and vice versa.

Dental Surgeries - both Private and NHS

St Thomas Dental Centre

48 Cowick St, Exeter EX4 1AP, UK – 01392 210850

i find this dentist helpfull staff understand me once thay switched on the data base

Firstly, these guys saved my bacon today THANK YOU, without their speed and great customer care my new year would have been miserable. I called for an emergency appt and I would like to thank the receptionist for her understanding - I had been working abroad for 4.5 years so lost my NHS registration with the practise - she fixed that for me, called me back within an hour - thank you to the Practise Manager for allowing me to re-register after considerable time out, and Thank you to Aga the delightful dentist and her lovely dental nurse who were very kind and understanding of my dental phobia and treated me with up-most courtesy and gentleness. I cannot rate this dental practise high enough for all their help and care. Anyone who is nervous and needs to be put at ease register with these guys, trust me I had to go through most departments today and ALL were FIRST CLASS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Exeter Advanced Dentistry

54 Longbrook St, Exeter EX4 6AH, UK – 01392 202007

Exeter Advanced Dentistry has raised the bar for dentistry worldwide and patients alike – from world class to well, Extreme. Every member of staff in the practice are highly skilled professionals, passionate about their individual work and equally passionate about their patients all round Dental Health Care, hence the dedicated All Round Team/Patient Approach. You may be concerned and interested for your own dentistry health care, - meet the team who are perhaps more so! For truly special, exceptional attention, to address every aspect of treatment, I highly recommend this practice. The coffee is good too!

There is absolutely nothing I could criticise at Exeter Advanced Dentistry. Incredible service right through from initial contact to leaving the building. The level of skill of my dentist was different to any that I had experienced before. I had a really tricky root canal but I hardly noticed a thing!! Dan talked me through every step, reassuring me that he was in control of the procedure, all the way through, and always with a big smile. He exuded positivity! I thought the stage by stage photos was were a brilliant idea. I felt that i was able to understand exactly WHY Dan had completed the work in a certain way and left me with absolute confidence that he was doing the best possible job for me. His assistant was incredible too, seeming to know precisely what Dan needed a second before he requested it! Telepathic and clearly very highly skilled. A faultless service. Thank you!!

Contemporary Dental

14 Queen's Terrace, Exeter EX4 4HR, UK – 01392 490949

Another smooth visit! Bob is always reassuring and thorough, and Sarah cleaned my teeth and answered lots of questions! i'm nervous about having things done to my teeth, but they know this & accommodate me!

Don't hesitate, I thoroughly recommend this practice. I have been a patient I think, for all of this century thus far, well if it isn't quite, it does feel like it! I wish I had attended here for my first 50 years of dentistry needs. Lovely people, very professional, a great team.

Most useful NHS dental surgery search. Not only can you find dental practices in the Exeter area or Devon but you can see all the services that they provide and often their patient ratings. The Scottish NHS Service - search for doctors and dentists throughout Scotland

To find local GP & doctors surgeries for Local doctors surgeries for Exeter and EX4 6SZ. You can not only see all sorts of things about GP surgeries which you might find really useful (including whether they are accepting new patients or not!) Crucially you can also enter a medical condition and see where it can be treated near Exeter and get general guidelines as to how long you might be in hospital for say a hip replacement. Each hospital is different. You might find this either worrying or comforting!

Doctors serving the Exeter area

The South Lawn Medical Practice

Heavitree Heath Centre, South Lawn Terrace, Exeter EX1 2RX, UK – 01392 281101

I got to admit this surgery really surprised me. The staff is absolutely fab! I been struggling to find decent people to perform blood draw on me. I'm very difficult patient. Usually through years of trying different gp's and even seeking professional's at hospitals, blood draws ended always up in disappointment. It was until I came to this little surgery. Nurses managed to get half a vial at 4th attempt before I passed out. Usually it takes 5+ to get a drop. Doctor today took only 1 attempt to get 2 full vials for lab test. I was shocked. The staff here performed something I thought it was impossible! Every time I leave that gp I always come out with smile and saying thank you. Those people work hard and those are decent people. Well trained staffed and not judgemental. They will listen you out and understand your issues. At the end of the day I got blood out at first attempt that never happened before. I got feeling I will stay with them for long time as this is genuinely best practice in UK.

Friendly staff & helpful doctors. Got an appointment which suited me and in very quick time.

Student Health Centre

University of Exeter, Reed Mews, Streatham Drive, Exeter EX4 4QP, UK – 01392 676606

Fantastic service

St Thomas Medical Group

Cowick Street, St Thomas, Exeter EX4 1HJ, UK – 01392 676678

Great doctor's, really good at dealing with urgent situations and finding a way to fit you in.

NHS and Private Hospitals in EX4 and throughout Devon

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW, UK – 01392 411611

Absolutely marvellous. Surgical teams and ward teams are highly professional but also have time to talk to individual patients and explain matters clearly and concisely. Once again this month I have very good reason to thank the teams at Wonford. They have given me back a worry free life. Thank you all from the depths of my being! Ian A. H. Holland

Brilliant care, always clean. Very busy but both nurses doctors and surgeons always spend time to explain in full so you are kept up to date.

Exeter Community Hospital

Hospital Ln, Exeter EX1 3RB, UK – 01392 208333

Helped my Nan get better

Many thanks for helping me back on my feet

Heavitree Hospital

Gladstone Rd, Exeter EX1 2ED, UK – 01392 411611

Went for the removal of a cancerous lesion for my mum. She was treated really well by all the staff. Very efficient clinic and everything dealt with fuss free in one appointment

I get treated there every 12 weeks there. I find the staff who work there most helpfull and friendly towards me.

Private medical clinics in EX4 Abortion Advice, Acupuncture Practitioners, Cosmetic Surgery, Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy Testing, Travel Clinics and Vasectomy

Private Medical Clinics serving Exeter

Fertility Exeter

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital/Gladstone Rd, Exeter EX1 2ED, UK – 01392 405051

Leaving a review is not normally something i bother doing. But this is such a hard thing to deal with that i feel it is necessary to share our experience. First things first, it's very hard to be too critical when your wife is expecting a baby girl which is from a successful IUI and happened first time. We are extremely grateful for what they did for us and couldn't be happier. We were sent to Exeter from Torbay Hospital and our treatment was on the NHS. For people who have to pay, i would recommend seeking out the clinic with the best success rate, depending on distance for you to travel. At Exeter, don't expect to be seen on time. Not one of our appointments was. The first one was over an hour late. It's also a similar story with each process. Every new appointment we had was weeks/months of waiting. And the flexibility of appointments was virtually non-existent, which was very difficult juggling that and my wife starting a new job. The first week in particular pushed us right to the limit! However it is pretty obvious they are understaffed for the amount they have to take on and clearly a lot of them work long and hard hours. The staff are superb to say the least. We always felt welcome and looked after. They were always happy to help and talk. And during different procedures, they made us feel calm and comfortable. Our experience took around 2 years, from our first appointment at Torbay to a positive test at home. There was lots of waiting and lots of travelling from Torquay to Exeter. Patience was certainly the key and at times we felt like we could of just given up. But for anyone starting out, keep the faith that it will happen for you and be patient. You will get there in the end.

Unlike the first reviewer, our experience has been great. The first reviewer is correct though in that the HFEA stats are not great and the clinic should really give their own percentages of success rather than national statistics BUT, that being said, Exeter Fertility have been brilliant to us! Occasionally, they are tricky to get hold of but they are always helpful and caring. Thanks to the medical staff and scientists, we are now expecting twins and could not have done it without these wonderful people. All of the staff were very friendly and go above and beyond even despite the fact they are MASSIVELY over stretched and underfunded like the rest of the NHS. Its easy for me to say now as the IVF worked for us first time, but I think even had it not worked, I would not have blamed the clinic. They do a great job and I would recommend them. :-)

Exeter Physio

1 Lower Summerlands, Exeter EX1 2LJ, UK – 01392 211066

Went here with a knee issue caused by a recent walking holiday, that had resulted in two and a half weeks of pain when walking or bending the knee. I was given some exercises and after doing them for just that day, I woke the next day pain free! It's not been a problem since, so I am incredibly relieved (and rather amazed it was solved so easily), and I was very pleased to have been able to get a last minute appointment the same day I called.

Have been going regularly for sports massages to help with my Thai Boxing and running. I get issues with my calves and shoulder areas mainly and regular massage here really helps. Really knowledgeable staff friendly reception staff and always feel great afterwards and ready to train.


34 Denmark Rd, Exeter EX1 1SE, UK – 01392 690777

Once again I’ve been to see Dr Irshad, this time for fillers under my eyes. I had 2 deep wrinkles, 1 under each eye, which irritated me every time I looked in the mirror. The procedure was painless with instant results, and I’m very pleased with the result 😀 Dr Irshad is professional, explains the procedure and checks in with you after the procedure to ensure you’re happy with the result - I will 100% be visiting him again.

An excellent aesthetics practitioner with the added reasurance that you are being looked after by a practicing GP. I cannot recommend highly enough. Will recommend and use again without hesitation. Thank you for your care and dedication Dr.

Travel Clinics

Travel Health Consultancy

22 Southernhay W, Exeter EX1 1PR, UK – 01392 430590

What a fantastic Clinic! Very good, free advice and consultation not only in regards to vaccinations but also general health issues in remote parts of the world. Doctor running it is well traveled man himself so you can be sure that you are getting first hand and to the point advice. Book early as they are very busy and some vaccinations need time to kick in. You also need some vaccinations done to have your travel insurance valid or to be allowed into some countries (yellow fever). Oh, and you will not find cheaper jabs anywhere close - I've quickly checked. They will also send you to your GP o have any vaccinations which are covered by NHS done "for free" (well, as part of your national health insurance).

I attended the clinic today for some advice on travelling to Malawi. The Clinic was very friendly, on time and extremely competent advice was given by James who is so well travelled and educated. It is an incredible resource. Glad to pick up some decent Deet and a mosquito net there as well as Malaria tablets. 100% recommend them.

Find the Accident & Emergency department closest to you by using the NHS website.
Local Family Planning centres in EX4 Related Headings often listed: Abortion Advice Clinics - N.H.S. Counselling Services & Advice Services. Pregnancy Testing
NHS Local Health Authorities - find the LHA for Exeter. Major NHS Hospitals are also listed

Health Centres, Travel Clinics, Sports Injury Clinics, Hospitals. Click the MORE for the full list.

St Thomas Health Centre

St Thomas Health Centre, Cowick St, Exeter EX4 1HJ, UK – 01392 676676

Very good health centre once you have managed to make an appointment. Doctors and nurses are friendly and professional; some but by no means all of the admin staff can be rather rude on occasion- although they must deal with a lot of difficult people in the course of their working week. Provision of some children's toys on the upper level which is bright and well lit. There is a lift to the upper level for anyone who would prefer to use it. Parking is good and there are often volunteers situated in the foyer for a welcome of tea or coffee for minimal charge. All in all, a good sense that this health centre serves the community well.

Only good experiences.

Exwick Health Centre

New Valley Rd, Exeter EX4 2AD, UK – 01392 676600

Excellent doctors, nurses and counter staff at this health centre, and nicely situated. I have had very good service everytime I visited this surgery. Good parking and has a small chemist situated next to the surgery. 5 min walk to bus stop and not far from Exeter St. Davids train station.

Mount Pleasant Health Centre

Mount Pleasant Rd, Exeter EX4 7BW, UK – 01392 255722

I feel the need to add this review because of some of the silly comments being made here. I am not affiliated with the practice (if I were my professional standards would prevent me commenting.) Doctors: Helpful, friendly, kind and understanding. Having said which. Receptionists: Excellent at triage, and very helpful. The surgery appears to be trying to do more with less, and does a good job at it. I feel a particularly strong need to point out that healthcare navigators will be bound by the same legal and ethical standards as the doctors. The hippocratic oath has nothing directly to say about privacy. Modern doctors do not swear it in some ancient form.

My experiences with Mount Pleasant have generally been very positive, but twice lately I have had phone conversations with GPs which, I felt, left a lot to be desired. The first time, I rang the surgery because I was having pain for which there was no obvious cause. I explained this to the (very helpful) ‘healthcare navigator’, who promised a call from a GP. Fine, and the call came quickly, but his first words ‘Yer all right?’, left me somewhat nonplussed. I would have preferred something along the lines of ‘Hello, I’m Doctor ---. I understand that you have been experiencing pain - would you like to tell me a little about it?’ My hearing is good, but the subsequent mumbling from this GP was difficult to decipher and at the end of the call, I put down the phone bewildered and angry. On the second occasion, the surgery rang me about the results of a recent blood test, and promised a call from a GP to explain the implications of this. The call duly came. I greeted the GP and he responded by saying ‘What can I do for you?’ Leaving me to explain why HE was ringing ME! Surely a quick look at my record would have prepared him? A little preparation, improved telephone manner, clear speech. These things would make such a difference – and at no cost at all to the practice! Food for thought, perhaps?

Hospices for Children and Adults


Searle House, Dryden Rd, Exeter EX2 5JJ, UK – 01392 688000

Such a friendly supportive staff and ambience for very ill patients and their visitors.


,Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii şi Irlandei de Nord, 20 Trusham Rd, Exeter EX2 8RB, UK – 01392 425255

I love this place the volunteers and staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and helpful. Its a magical mystery tour, you never know what you are going to find. I have found some real treasures not least of which is my iron bed frame. I go as often as I can and am never disappointed.

Very friendly and helpful staff. Quick turnover of items so if you are looking for something specific be prepared to visit regularly. Wonderful way to furnish a home economically and help the charity too. Thanks HospiceCare

Children's Hospice South West Shop

42 Sidwell St, Exeter EX4 6NS, UK – 01392 437612

Lovely little shop

Sports injury clinics within the Exeter area
Find a NHS Walk In Centre closest to Exeter.

Dispensing Chemists around Exeter

Many dispensing chemists also do Photographic Processing and Wine Making & Home Brewing Equipment & Supplies! You could try searching on these headings as well.

Chemists and Pharmacists

Day Lewis Chemist

88B Beacon Ln, Exeter EX4 8LU, UK – 01392 494016

Very helpful and good advice.

Very friendly


Heavitree Health Centre, S Lawn Terrace, Exeter EX1 2RX, UK – 01392 218144

Very good service! Warm staff.

Friendly staff


71 Magdalen Rd, Exeter EX2 4TA, UK – 01392 273157

Great helpful staff.

Find online UK counsellors and psychotherapists near Exeter, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential & easy to use.

Care Homes

Residential care for the elderly in around Exeter. Also listed are Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes. Very much a starting point only but a useful reference none the less.
Highlands Care Home

56 St. Leonards Rd, Exeter EX2 4LS, UK – 01392 431122

Amazing care hone. They really Do care. Wonderful Wendy and her amazing team. I believe my mum went from the worst care home in Exeter to the best (Highlands) Professional, compassionate, and so caring, like they would want their own parents to be cared for. Can’t say enough about this wonderful CARE home. Book me a room!

It looks really nice house

Dennsyhill Care Home

Glenthorne Road, Duryard, Exeter EX4 4QU, UK – 01392 259170

My aunt has been a resident for over 16 years, she is now in her 90's and she is treated as well now as she did on the first day of becoming a resident All the staff are second to none and are very caring Nothing is to much for them they treat you with respect and keeps your mind at ease. We live a fair distance from the home however I'm not concerned about the way my aunt is looked after as I trust the staff completely. If you are looking for a home from home choose Dennyshill you won't be disappointed.

best care home

Dove Tree House

89-91 Heavitree Rd, Exeter EX1 2ND, UK – 01392 221648

A friendly, clean and pleasant home

Amazing place to work and a home from home for the residents

Barton Place

4 Wreford's Link, Exeter EX4 5AX, UK – 01392 211099

Friendly and caring staff and a very welcoming atmosphere. Facilities and beautiful rural setting are excellent.

Fantastic home. Residents are always respected and come first. Staff are really dedicated.

Parkland House

Barley Ln, Exeter EX4 1TA, UK – 01392 251144

My dad stayed here for a couple of years. The building is lovely, clean and bright The residents are clean and cared for. . The careers and cleaners are really nice, sympathetic and honest. The food sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Tinned tomatoes and boiled sausages not good. Chewy chops not great for residents with dentures and no strength to cut them up. We moved dad eventually because he needed more care. But he was happy enough here. We visited him most days taking him out often for coffee or out to lunch. I would say to sum up. Lovely place but let down by the food.

Green Tree Court

81 Harrington Ln, Exeter EX4 8NS, UK – 01392 240400

Couldn’t have asked for better care for my gran over the last few years. From the amazingly professional, kind and caring staff to the spacious clean environment and wonderful food. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Green Tree and its staff are.

The experience of a day's visit matches their five star status claimed on the web site. The staff, dining experience, and surroundings were all what you want for leaving your loved ones in. Time will tell but first impressions are a delight.

Includes useful GP and dental surgery search by postcode, name or area - find NHS services near Exeter
Very good site for finding local health services in and around Exeter - doctors, dentists, stop smoking services, etc. Just type in your postcode to find services for EX4.
National Health Service website with health encyclopaedia, self-help guide, stay healthy guide.

Sadly NHS Direct succumbed to rationalisation. We now ring 111 for problems which are less urgent than those requiring a 999 call.

However do have a look at this website. There is lots of good stuff in it. Jerome K Jerome eat your heart out!


The People's Acupuncture Project

Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David’s Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG, UK – 07444 718395

Eleanor is warm, supportive and intuitive. The sessions with her have greatly helped to relieve my migraines. Highly recommended!

I have complete trust in my therapist. Very professional. Highly recommend

Exeter Acupuncture Clinic - Helen Stafford 01392 221122

Cathedral Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic - Exeter, 6 Southernhay W, Exeter EX1 1JG, UK – 01392 221122

I've seen Helen for treatment for my back and highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and gave me acupuncture treatments and also back massages which were so relaxing! I had wondered whether I would feel the needles at all, but was pleased to find there was no discomfort at all. Helen is chilled out and an easy person to talk to about any health concerns. Will be recommending to my friends!

Helen is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and seems to be able to deal with anything. If you're new to acupuncture or you're familiar with it I would recommend Helen.

Acupuncture Healing Power

7 South St, Exeter EX1 1DZ, UK – 01392 848565

Have to say one of the best massages ive had in a long time Very good for the price as well for £45 where some places cost about 40 to 80 pounds for a hour highly recommended

Brilliant place!! Visited today, would highly recommend to anyone! good prices too!(:

Alternative Medicine around Exeter

Alternative and complementary medicines and therapies in EX4

Aromatherapists around Exeter

Time Out Therapies

Zamora Natural Health and Beauty, 37 Magdalen Road, Exeter EX2 4TA, UK – 07816 425314

I've had 2 really great remedial massages with Mary. She is very professional, easy to talk to, and is very skilled. Highly recommended.

One of the best massages I’ve had, highly recommended.

Cathedral Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic - Exeter

6 Southernhay W, Exeter EX1 1JG, UK – 01392 221122

Very professional and friendly. Resolved my back issues in 3 sessions. Great value and a lovely practice. More than simply diagnosing and teating my issues, I had everything fully explained to me before anything was done. The pain relief is is one thing but the piece of mind that comes with the explanations is priceless. Highly recommended

Been going to Richard for quite a few years now. Very professional, really knows his stuff, explains to you what is going on in simple terms. Recently helped me with a really bad ankle sprain. Quite a few of my family members also go to him. Worth the journey if you live further a field. Really friendly chap. Enjoy chat we have while I’m being worked on. And feel great when I leave. Highly recommended

Exeter Chiropractic Clinic

20 The Mede, Exeter EX4 8ED, UK – 01392 467438

Exeter Chiropractic Clinic is a marvellous place where I have received outstanding treatment for my back pain. Austin Wells-Burr is both professional and sympathetic and an enthusiastic expert in his field. He spent time discussing my problem in detail and working out exactly the right treatment plan needed for my care. I have seen many health professionals in the Exeter area about back pain over the last 12 years and have to say that this is by far the best all round treatment that I have received from any practice. My back pain has pretty much disappeared and I am free to lead a normal active life with my family which feels amazing! Thank you Exeter Chiropractic Clinic.

I have been with sarah since her beginning in exeter and she is absolutely brilliant. Total focus on your health and wellbeing.

Exe Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic

45-47 Fore St, Exeter EX1 2QN, UK – 01392 690200

Excellent chiropractor. Loosened my back up which in turn releived the pain, and gave me some exercises to keep me in shape. Highly recommended.

Luke is excellent. Friends recommended him . Really friendly, incredibly knowledgeable. Definitely go and see him. You won't regret it.

Homeopathy around Exeter

County Chiropractic

6 Marsh Green Rd N, Exeter EX2 8NY, UK – 01392 208496

After searching the web for the best chiropractor in Exeter, I found this place, and I'm very glad I did! I have been visiting CC and Tom in particular to help with my back and neck pain, and recently again after a RTA and having whiplash. Tom has a great personality and really helps to make you feel at ease when fixing you up! Thank you for all the help!

I went for my first ever floatation therapy session, and it was amazing!! The staff couldnt be more kind and helpful if they tried. Amazing attentiveness to your every need to help you feel fitter and healthier. Thanks! I will be back again soon!

Neal's Yard Remedies

38 Bedford St, Exeter EX1 1GJ, UK – 01392 438127

They sale the best lotion and hand cream, and the sales lady is always helpful. Today is big sales days, still not cheap but worth it.

It's nice...........

The Homoeopathic Practice Ltd

84 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3RP, UK – 01392 214074

Occupational Therapists

Holmedale Health

34 Denmark Rd, Exeter EX1 1SE, UK – 01392 454954

Had a really lovely assessment was best ever felt very welcomed and relaxed

So glad I was treated at Holmedale Health by Otto Physiotherapy. It took me an agonising 50 minutes to limp my way to the practice, and a jaunty 25 minutes walking back. Fantastic treatment applied in a friendly and reassuring way throughout, and my pains haven't resurfaced. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Barefoot Physio

15 Bartholomew St E, Exeter EX4 3BG, UK – 0333 577 9192


Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education

50 Topsham Rd, Exeter EX2 4NF, UK – 01392 267023

I'm hearing but I have friends from there. I can sign all the alphabet and the months and the days. Amazing. 'Thank god' that theres education for the deaf! Great beings ' the deaf!

Vision Express Opticians

232 High St, Exeter EX4 3NE, UK – 01392 213373

I have had bad experiences in the past with opticians and eye tests. This was the total opposite. from the beginning everyone was highly professional, communicative and efficient. I expected an inflamed eye full of iodine and a hard sell on expensive glasses. I got a thorough eye exam, professional advice and some very reasonably priced reading glasses. Could not be happier.

I saw good and bad reviews about this store, but decided to buy my eyeglasses from them and I am very pleased with my choice! I was served by Mike who was highly professional, thorough and very friendly. Definitely a happy customer!

Specsavers Opticians Exeter

Unit 4 248, 247 High St, Exeter EX4 3PZ, UK – 01392 210604

Excellent service with experienced and helpful staff - We needed glasses in a hurry for my daughter - Lydia managed to get these sorted in one hour. Definitely will recommend Specsavers Exeter.

Every time I go there they seem to have a change of staff and set up. Very impressed from having my eyes tested to buying new spectacles. Just surprised it still takes two weeks for the glasses to be made up. Would expect Specsavers to start pushibg for a quicker turnaround.

Boots Opticians

251 High St, Exeter EX4 3QD, UK – 0345 125 3776

Very helpful staff, Kate kept me informed while waiting for my safety glasses


St. David's Osteopathic Clinic

6 Baring Cres, Exeter EX1 1TL, UK – 01392 221321

After injuring my back playing rugby I had some terrible problems a year or so later while running. David at SDO helped me with a number of sessions and some exercises over the course of a few months. David was both knowledgeable and polite; I'd recommend him, you'll be in safe hands.

Free Car Parking at St.David's Osteopathic Clinic!

Exeter Osteopaths

Magdalen Health, 1Fairpark Road, Exeter EX2 4HL, UK – 01392 428141

My newborn was suffering terribly with colic after a traumatic birth. I took him to see Daniel and was very impressed with the results, he must have the magic touch. My son is now a much happier, calmer baby. Thank you Daniel.

I took my 8 month old baby boy to see Dan for some cranial osteopathy as he suffered with sandifer syndrome which is a rare and bad form of silent reflux! He really knew his stuff and definitely help settle my little boy and the sandifers has nearly gone :) he was so good with him very gentle and lots of toys for him to play with. We have had 7 sessions as the problem was very bad but worth every penny. When I have another baby I will be booked in with at 2 weeks old just to check everything is ok as births are very stressful highly recommend :)

Heavitree Osteopaths

5 North St, Exeter EX1 2RH, UK – 01392 273243

I went to see Andrew Horide in the past after injuring my lower back in the gym. Andrew was incredibly knowledgeable about what I had done and clearly knows a lot about training and sports. Having seen other osteopaths in the past I was incredibly pleased with the results I got! I highly recommend the clinic but especially Andrew Horide.

I have been treated by Andy in the past, he had great knowledge about my problem and explained everything really well. I would recommend his services.

Physiotherapy in EX4

Otto Physiotherapy

34 Denmark Rd, Exeter EX1 1SE, UK – 01392 247668

Having found that my movement was increasingly becoming restricted and causing me serious pain to even stand and to lie down I went to see Michael. He not only addressed my problems with my knees and hips but went right back to the heart of the issue exposing how everything was linked. Michael is very approachable and calm helping me to go back to basics from walking the right way to opening up my approach to all of my exercise. I can carry on my life in the way I was afraid I had lost! I am feeling no pain and now know how to tackle any issues in my physical recovery in the future. Thank you!

Michael was recommended to me by a friend and having had physio before, as well as numerous other kinds of treatment, I was a bit sceptical; expecting to be sent away with the usual sheet of A4 with a load of exercises to do that I wouldn't have time for!! But after 4 sessions, to treat lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain, I feel so much better. Mike has given me strategies to manage the pain when it comes, although I have to say, I have been virtually pain free in these 4 weeks of treatment. But I feel better equipped to deal with the pain, if and when it returns. Mike has helped me make really simple changes to the way I stand, walk and breathe. He has also helped me to relax my body more easily and perhaps most importantly for me, to understand the 'pain cycle' more fully. I would definitely recommend Mike and I will be going straight back to him if I need a refresher course in the future!

Cathedral Physiotherapy

22 Southernhay W, Exeter EX1 1PR, UK – 01392 434832

Sarah was recommended to me by another physio who has since changed career. She told me that Sarah had fantastic knowledge and experience having led a team at the Exeter RD&E for many years. Sarah lived up to her reputation and we found her an amazing help. My daughter is 11 years old and had an ankle injury from competitive swimming and was struggling to train. Sarah quickly identified muscle imbalances Jessica had which were causing the area to be prone to injury. Through specific exercises she helped my daughter to regain muscle balance in order to heal and prevent the injury reoccurring. Her advice was invaluable and quickly enabled my daughter to return to her competitive swimming. Sarah also has a lovely, warm personality which put my daughter at ease. We found her to be a fantastic physio. Highly recommended!

A great choice of physio! After having 4 sessions with Sarah I’d noticed significant improvement and she was very thorough in getting to the root of an acute issue. Loved the central location with plenty of parking nearby for those who need to travel into town.

First Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Fitness First, Tudor Street, Exeter EX4 3BR, UK – 07977 012725

I had several long standing injuries that were inhibiting my training and were simply not improving. Rehabilitating these has been a tricky, ongoing process and Sally Lynch at First Physio has been instrumental in helping me do this. Her expertise has led to me being able to move better than I have in a long time, which in turn has had many positive effects in both training and life in general. I would highly recommend First Physio.

I’ve been visiting First Physio for 5 months... when I started I was dealing with severe back pain, and a bonus shoulder & neck injury! I’d tried a few difference courses of treatment but not seen a positive response, but had been introduced to acupuncture so went looking for a local physio. Very soon after starting with Sally I saw a vast improvement in all areas, and following excercise advice daily has left me far more mobile, and able to be active again! One of my issues with treatment in the past has been a lack of explanation as to the what\why of my injury and the work we’re doing. Sally ensures I understand what she’s treating, which really helps me feel comfortable, and keep on top of things between sessions!

Psychiatrists serving EX4

Karen Morrish Counselling

15 Heavitree Rd, Exeter EX1 2LD, UK – 01392 275431

The help you gave me has changed my life. Thank you so much Karen.

"You have helped me turn my life around... I still have a lot more that I would like to achieve but know that I'm on the right path. Thank you for everything".

Wonford House Hospital (Devon Partnership NHS Trust)

Exeter EX2 5AF, UK – 01392 208866

Brilliant, hardworking and dedicated, underpaid staff.

Freddy Weaver Counselling

The Practice Rooms,, 15-16 Castle St, Exeter EX4 3PT, UK – 07737 092625

When I moved to Bristol life got quite stressful for a while. Finding Freddy marked the turning point - he's a kind and respectful counsellor, and would be a help to anyone.

Freddy is a calm, thoughtful counsellor whom I couldn't recommend more highly.

Psychotherapy around Exeter

The Headroom

2 Barnfield Cres, Exeter EX1 1QT, UK – 01392 769600

I am highly impressed with the quality of the services offered by The Headroom, both to people who are searching for a therapist suited to their needs and to therapists who have the necessary professional qualifications to treat them. Eileen McWilliams MA Registered & Accredited Psychodynamic Psychotherapist BPC, UKCP

South Devon Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

45 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3SR, UK – 01803 867413

Zuleika Robertson

6 Prospect Park, Exeter EX4 6NA, UK – 01392 430162

NHS Choices website with details of Stop Smoking Services, contact information and location map. Search for help to quit smoking in Exeter

Reflexology around Exeter

Reflexology Exeter

2a Spicer Rd, Exeter EX1 1SX, UK – 07850 565182

For several years I have been a client of Jane Van Spyk and a student at many of her classes. I have received a variety of treatments from Jane and all have been beneficial for mind as well as body. I have also gained valuable tools from attending the classes. They are always enjoyable, as Jane has the ability and knowledge that make them very interesting. They have enriched my life and will continue to do so. Thank you, Jane. Mary, Exeter.

Marie Johnson Holistic Therapies & Training

8 Queensland Dr, Exeter EX4 5AZ, UK – 07990 550352

Highly recommend this lovely, knowledgeable lady. Marie has a calming and relaxing personality and home. I have seen Marie a couple times and for years have suffered with various ailments related to my not so enjoyable pregnancy. i have never had the opportunity to relax, with Marie I have no choice. She scoots you of to relaxation land and works her magic. I have never been so free in my movement, as I have been since seeing Marie. Highly recommended even if just for a bit of me time! I can promise you will not regret experiencing one of Marie's treatments.

I have had the pleasure of hot stone massage with this wonderful lady. A very relaxing experience. Her knowledge of reflexology is also top notch. I have had issues with certain areas and after just 1 treatment the improvement was remarkable. So much so that analgesia has not been required since. I look forward to my monthly visits as something that is not only so rewarding for my Mind body and soul but also something I really enjoy due to Marie's relaxing and friendly demeanour. A genuine holistic healer who puts her clients first.PS try the angelic reiki for a great totally unwind, relaxing and out of this world experience.

University of Exeter

Exeter EX4 4QD, UK – 01392 661000

I loved my time at Exeter! It was a great community feel, beautiful campus and surrounding city, and the staff were dedicated and hard working. This will forever be one of my favourite places the UK.

Super nice place. I have never stay such a great accommodation organized by university in the world..

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